The is a SEO-hosting enabling software that works as a bridge between a respective website and eight different massive cloud-service platforms. Given below is a helpful Cloudboss pro review that will make your indexing and ranking better on the search engine like Google respectively.

Why the need for
These days the notable SEO web-hosting companies provide various hosting services like the shared with other SEOs through the limited number of C-Class IP addresses that have only a small number of server locations. But since these SEO providers are termed as SEO Hosting Companies, Google targets them instantly and de-indexes many of such websites that are hosted with these web-hosting companies. This results in the loss of revenue, ranking and visibility for the online websites that is utterly regrettable for sure.

But with you can host your SEO website or PBN with your own accounts that is not shared. The popular and enormous cloud-based platforms like Microsoft EC2 and Amazon EC2 already host tons of normal business websites on them and that the usual PBN or SEO websites just hide under these platforms. Then, there are other established online businesses like Airbnb, Instagram, Bleacher Report, PBS, Flippa and TMZ that are using Amazon for website hosting purposes as well.

The reason for you to use is that it simplifies the complex interfaces and processes that are needed to set up the hosting with the cloud-based servers. Secondly, your website can be provided with all the management and bulk site installation plans as well. This will help you to save considerable amount of time for setting up a SEO website in the correct manner.

The will even keep track of indexing for your website on Google and automate the tracking of Majestic Trust Flow, Moz DA and Majestic Citation Flow, as well. Moreover, your IP’s can be checked, so that you do not host multiple websites on the same IP by mistake at all.


Working of

You have the chance to create different accounts on the different cloud services that have been integrated into your Cloudboss and then the API keys get inserted, as well. The prices for the cloud services are different and they can amount to more than 30 dollars per month.


The users do not have to use any resources unlike others that have hosted their websites with the SEO hosting companies. So, Google will not be able to target your website at all. When you will use the for your SEO and indexing needs, you do not have to use all of the services that are being provided. This means the cost per service can be kept to minimum as they are dependant on your needs.

A full website can be installed in only 6 to 7 seven minutes through respectively.


Why the need for a PBN for a website?

One of the best ways to achieve a higher ranking on Google is through the incoming links for a website. But you simply cannot force others to link to your client’s websites or to your own websites, as well. Another fact is that it is pretty expensive to buy links and that this goes against the policy of Google as well.


So, the only option left for you is to own a network of your high quality websites that are collectively known as PBN.

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